Posted by Andrea Bishop on 12th Nov 2022

Our Beginning

How did we get started? Much to everyone's surprise, we didn't know each other. As time goes on and you learn more about us, you will find that hard to imagine. We truly consider ourselves sisters because we have so many things in common. Our boys were already bestfriends and their friendship led to our friendship. We thank God everyday for them and the friendship they helped establish.

As our families grew up and moved out, we found ourselves empty nesters and decided we better find something to occupy our time or we were going to drive our families crazy. We threw around many ideas as to how we could get out and fill our time while making an impact on our communities. Here goes the crazy part. We both love to shop. Imagine that! One husband decided to expand his business and his new location had a retail opportunity but needed lots of work. We tossed the idea around of opening a gift store in the beautiful small town of Monticello, Georgia. We decided to hit the Mart in Atlanta with no sense of direction or a completed store to put anything in. Well, there is where we get started.  On our first trip to the mart, we purchased LOTS of goodies with no where to put them. Let the construction begin.  We started revamping our spot. Boy did we jump right in.  As we finished the first round of reno, we looked at each and said "we need more room". Our poor contractor just went with the flow. He had just finished putting the store in order and we decided to undo everything he had done. Please note that was just the first of many re-dos. Knock out that dressing room and open up the adjoining room was the first of many changes to our plans.  What started out as a gift store quickly became a gift store and boutique. Off to the apparel show where we started shopping for a few things. We all know how that ended. The beginning of the clothing part of our "gift" store. Let year one begin. October 1, 2021 was the day we opened our store front. We had a beautiful first year and about 10 months in to our first year we decided to expand to online sales. We have been working on our website for a few months now and here we go!! We are excited you are here and look forward to meeting your shopping needs. Our motto is "Beautiful comes in all sizes". Please continue to check out our website and share with your friends. We will continue to add new things on a weekly basis if not sooner. Thank you again for visiting us. We look forward to adding to your wardrobe, gifts and home decor needs.